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Why Invest in Property

Why Invest in Residential Real Estate? As an investor, you have the choice of a variety of investments, including real estate.  Residential real estate offers advantages unavailable with most other investments, including: Leverage of your investment Rental income generates cash flow Little or no savings to get started Tax advantages Leveraging Your Investment Unlike most other investments, an investor can purchase a rental property with a down payment of twenty...

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Rent Increase Criteria

Criteria for a Successful Rent Increase Using rental property as an investment is like any other business; to improve cash flow, you must either reduce expenses or increase income.  Increasing income is usually easier to achieve, but unless the residents are on a month-to-month lease, the only times you can increase the rent is when the lease expires, assuming the rental market will allow an increase. Rent increases in the...

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Max Profit – Least Liability

Maximizing Profit and Limiting Liability in Real Estate Investing by Attorney Bill Bronchick How should I buy and sell real estate?  What entity gives the best tax benefits?  How can I limit my liability?  These are common questions posed by both beginning and experienced real estate investors.  The following are answers to common questions about maximizing profit and limiting liability in real estate investing. How should I take title? The...

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Homes- Great Investment

Single Family Homes Always A Popular Investment The most popular real estate investment for individuals is the single-family homes.  The following discussion focuses on why so many individuals chose to invest in single-family homes over other forms of real estate. It is possible to buy a single family home with 10% or less down payment.  This means that you can buy a $100,000 house for only $10,000 down.  It is...

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Professional Management

What Can A Professional Property Manager Do For You? Historically, renting your home has been considered a relatively simple and low risk undertaking.  However, in recent years, this apparently simple task has become progressively more complex and the risks associated with becoming a landlord far greater.  While managing your rental is certainly within the abilities of most property owners, the time and effort involved in management may be greater than...

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Housing Application