Community Association Self-Assessment Tool

Below is a list of items that will help evaluate the health of your association.  Answer each question yes or no.  Count each yes and see the ratings for scores at the end of the list.

  1. _____The Board of Directors has clear, concise, written goals.
  2. _____The roles of each Board office and the directors is defined in writing.
  3. _____The management company’s duties is defined by written contract.
  4. _____Board members receive regular training to improve association business.
  5. _____New board members receive an orientation about the governing documents, policies and critical issues.
  6. _____Each board member has a copy of an operations manual with basic need-to-know information.
  7. _____The Board has the directors required by the governing documents.
  8. _____Board avoids all conflicts of interest (no self dealing, nepotism, etc.).
  9. _____Governing documents conform to state statute and include:
    1. _____How and when notices for board meetings are made.
    2. _____How board members are elected, appointed and removed.
    3. _____What director terms limits are.
    4. _____Quorum requirement for business decisions.
  10. _____There is a written procedure for handling emergencies.
  11. _____Board members serve without compensation.
  12. _____There is a written calendar of events and meetings.
  13. _____Board meeting attendance is mandatory for all directors unless excused by the President.
  14. _____Meetings have written agendas and supporting information provided to directors in advance.
  15. _____Board Meetings are open to all owners and held in a visitor friendly location.
  16. _____Meeting minutes are recorded and promptly distributed to all owners.
  17. _____Timely monthly financial reports are prepared, reviewed by the Board and made available to owners.
  18. _____Physical assets are properly maintained.
  19. _____The association has all necessary insurance coverages:
    1. _____Directors & Officers Liability
    2. _____General Liability
    3. _____General Hazard Insurance with Guaranteed Replacement Cost
    4. _____Employee Dishonesty
    5. _____Building Ordinance & Law
    6. _____Earthquake
  20. _____Fraud prevention methods are in place to guard against embezzlement.
    1. _____Bank reconciliations are reviewed and approved by the board of directors.
    2. _____All reserve account checks require two signatures.
    3. _____Checks are issued only with properly approved invoice or check request.
    4. _____No checks are made payable to “Cash”.
    5. _____No checks are presigned.
  21. _____There is a written delinquency collection policy.
  22. _____All delinquencies are pursued in a timely manner.
  23. _____All filings are current:
    1. _____Annual Registration
    2. _____Articles of Incorporation
    3. _____IRS tax filings and reports
  24. _____The association has a professionally performed reserve analysis and a long range plan for funding repairs and replacement.
  25. _____The Board conducts an annual operating and reserve budget review and formally adopts a new budget each year.
  26. _____The Board adopts an Annual Management Plan that prioritizes goals and sets timetables.
  27. _____All rules are relevant.
  28. _____Rules and policies are written.
  29. _____Rules are enforced uniformly.
  30. _____There is a violation appeal process.
  31. _____The association sends out regular and informative newsletters.

How did you score?  If you answered “Yes” to:
41-46 Questions:  EXCELLENT Still room for improvement.
36-40 Questions:  VERY GOOD You’re close, but roll up your sleeves and close the gap.
31-35 Questions:  GOOD You’ve got serious work to do.
30 or less Questions:  DANGER