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Professional Management

What Can A Professional Property Manager Do For You? Historically, renting your home has been considered a relatively simple and low risk undertaking.  However, in recent years, this apparently simple task has become progressively more complex and the risks associated with becoming a landlord far greater.  While managing your rental is certainly within the abilities of most property owners, the time and effort involved in management may be greater than...

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Finding a Rental Home

Tips for Finding a Rental Home Eat all the chocolate you want!  The stress of house hunting causes extreme calorie leakage. Be sure to obtain a current map of the local area.  Having a map will save you time and gas from getting lost. If you have a pet, bring references for your pet.  Examples are as follows.  Letters recommending the pet from former landlords and/or realtors whom have seen...

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Rent vs Buy

Rent vs Buy Buying a home is a rewarding experience.  You derive a great deal of personal satisfaction from owning a home.  Homeownership allows you to build up your personal net worth over time and there are significant tax advantages to owning your own home.  Moreover, continued increases in housing prices nationwide make homeownership a relatively attractive investment. Yet, renting also has some advantages.  In some cases, renting may be...

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Your Credit Score

Your Credit Score It is important to know your credit status when considering the purchase of a house.  Most lenders use a credit score called “FICO”to determine your eligibility for a loan and the interest rate you should be charged.  FICO stands for Fair Isaac & Company, and credit scores are reported by each of the three major credit bureaus:  TRW (Experian), Equifax, and Trans-Union.  The score is computed differently...

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Housing Application