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Online Rental Application

Please click on link below to access the rental application. The application fee is $75 per married couple and $50 per individual (to include non married couples and anyone over the age of 18). Anyone under age of 18 will not have to pay a separate application fee. PLEASE NOTE APPLICATION FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE.

    The application at the link below is to be filled out and paid for online. If you would like an application to print and bring to our office, please go to the rental properties tab on the home page and drop down to rental application for that particular application.
    24-48 hours of processing time once we have proof of income and rental reference from the prior landlord. Change in application process: Please note all initial filing for eviction history on application if settled or disposed.

      If approved, a full security deposit is required to hold the property in the applicant’s name. The deposit will only hold the property for up to 3 days. If rent is not paid within that time, the deposit will be forfeited, and the property will be put back on the market to rent. An approved application does not hold the property for you. 

Our Qualifications

  • Proof of income showing at least 3x the rental rate of gross income each month. (example: home rents for $1050 per month, so $1050 x 3 = $3150. $3150 is the minimum required to qualify for that property.
  • Residential history Verification
  • Background check
  • Credit Score considered

      If you are submitting an application below it will not be processed until you have completed the following:

    • Please send proof of income needed to be sent to our email: propertymanagement@keith-evans.com
    • Please submit a photo or scanned copy of the last 30 days of your pay stubs or bank statements corresponding to your current employership listed on the application


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